Pet names

I just like most women call my husband all sorts of pet names and have since we started dating… Baby, babe, love, honey, sweetheart etc. I however realized the other day how some of those must make him feel. When he calls me baby, I feel small and very submissive. So why would I call my manly Dom that? I shouldn’t, names that can make him feel small or emasculate him in any way have to leave my vocabulary.. He has never mentioned it before, so I brought it up and he said he hadn’t really thought about how it made him feel. So now I am constantly correcting myself, trying to find that one name that works… Sir has been the only constant since my revelation, maybe it’ll stick 🙂

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My husband and I have been practicing DD for around 5 years, and when I say practicing I mean it still isn’t perfect. Is anything in life ever really perfect though? We go through life expecting that things will always get better, we strive for perfection, for that “Happily Ever After”. Yet, I keep wondering why? Isn’t being together, being in love and having a roof over our heads enough? I finally think it is. DH has started a new job and is gone 95% of the time. When I say gone, I mean out of the state, not at home to talk to our son about “man” things and not home to chase all our little princesses nightmares away. I am in all rights of the word a single mom. I have days that have me wanting to go into my bedroom, close the door and scream into a pillow. Then I have days that I am so thankful for my kids and a husband that provides for his family. So if you are feeling down and need to go scream into that pillow, DO IT! Otherwise hold your babies close and thank God that you have a loving husband that would lose time with his family in order to be the man that God has called him to be.

The many looks of a dom

You know those looks I am talking about there are many of them and maybe even some that your “significant other” insert Dom, husband, boyfriend, master etc. shares with my husband or has their own. I have decided that these are the top 3.


1. Come here right now ~ You know the one that says you better move your butt or that precious butt of yours won’t be happy?


2. I want you ~ That look that makes your stomach do the “ka-thump” and makes your insides turn to jello (by far my favorite lol)


3.  You are skating on thin ice ~ This look is usually followed up with one of his “lines” “Your mouth is writing checks that your butt can’t cash”


I can think of quite a few more but these are the main ones. Does your HOH have any funny one liners that they use? What about a look that gives you the “ka-thump”?


I look forward to reading your answers! Have a great day!



Maintenance again?

He has stated a couple of times that he is going to do weekly maintenance again. I hated it before but I am wondering if it would be helpful for us. I don’t know how helpful it will be for my poor bottom but, mindset wise maybe it’s a good idea. I have been on pins and needles awaiting it to happen and it hasn’t. So am I playing tricks on my mind or is he? Sometimes I think it would be incredibly insightful to be in his mind for one day. Then maybe I would understand the “Dom head tricks” he plays. You know those ones I’m talking about. Where they lead you right where they want you with subtle hints and little body gestures and you didn’t even realize they were doing it until you are already there. My mind is reeling and I can’t seem to get my thoughts straight. Hopefully news to report tomorrow 🙂


A weekend alone

I hate weekends like these! My husband has to go do a military drill for the weekend which leaves me alone. I have my kids but I hate being without him. It brings back the feelings of loneliness from his deployment. Also when you are trying to set boundaries and rituals for a new phase in your relationship it sure throws a wrench in things. I guess I’m still waiting for it to start. He has the PT D/s thing down, especially in the bedroom but, it’s the RL stuff that I am unsure about. So he leaves and now I’m feeling more unsettled than I was before. Grr!



My husband has decided that we need what I am calling a re-start… I told him I didn’t know if DD (Domestic Discipline) is the right thing for us. So we are going to try a Dom/sub arrangement for awhile. We will re-evaluate in a few weeks and see how both of us are feeling. My problem is that I don’t know a lot about the differences… Does anyone have any good websites or books on it? I appreciate any help 🙂


A Submissive Journal

Well, the letter was a no go but, we did have a talk. I have no idea if its just going to be another ” I tried, but I just can’t be that Dom anymore. ” I do hope that it won’t but my very pessimistic attitude isn’t allowing for much. I just can’t seem to figure out how he was a better dominant from halfway around the world and being in a war zone. Most would think it would be the other way around. I am trying to reflect on myself and wondering if it is me who has changed and not him. So I am starting a journal. Maybe it will give me some insight. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like there is something missing, is it that I was so used to taking care of everything that I forgot how to be submissive? I’m not sure but, hopefully between my blog and my journal I am on the road to discovery.

Happy New Year!